Monday, August 20, 2007

busy busy

We have had a very busy week! We helped Kristy in her classroom, Annie found her feet, and we went to Tampa for Carson's first birthday party!!! We had so much fun!

Annie eating her toes!

Leo and Annie helping Kristy in her classroom.

Annie hard at work in the classroom!

Carson and Annie playing together!

My dad is rad!!!!!!!!!

Check her out, Carson!

Her first kiss!!! AWWW!

We went and visited Maw-Maw while we were in Tampa!

Our little family!

Ready for the pool!

She loves the water!


Ready to go in the pool!

Tired out from the water!

Annie rolls all over the place now and this morning, she was sleeping on her belly...still sucking her thumb of course!!!


Amber said...

She's so precious...

Harper can't get to sleep b/c she's too busy rolling over; I'm sure she'll be waking up on her tummy any day now.

Yay, Max! I hope Harper doesn't get teeth for a while, and I'm sure you can figure out why. :)

katie said...

that girl is getting so big. kk can't wait to see her in september.
i started a blog proud of me?? i invited you to check your email.