Saturday, September 8, 2007

Panama City Beach

We are still in Panama City. This is a picture of the sunset...God is good!

Annie's "Ready to go!!!!"

This next picture took a lot to take! What a diaster...Tanner is still working, so Annie and I decided to go the beach by ourselves. I took the beach tent with us, b/c I thought it would be good for Annie to be in the shade. The directions looked very very simple, so I thought, no problem. When we got down to the beach, I layed Annie on a towel in the sand while I attempted to set up the tent while reading the directions, which kept blowing away in the wind. After many tries, I must have looked helpess, b/c this nice lady came over and asked if I needed help. I willingly accepted! Together we managed to get the tent in the correct position and starting putting the stakes in the ground, only they wouldn't stay, so we had to get her son to come hammer them in for us. while that was going on, the directions blew down the beach and another lady ran 1/4 mile to get them for me. Oh, and while all that was going on Annie had rolled off the towel into the sand. With sand, all over her face and hands, she started wailing! I immediately picked her up brushed her off and tried to return to helping put up the tent. Now, I had Annie in one hand, the tent in the other and I noticed that my bathing suit had come untied and was falling off!!!!!!!!!!!! How embarrassing! (I'm not sure if I even want to write that!) So, I had to put Annie back down, fix my suit and finally finish putting up the tent. After many thanks, I put Annie in the tent for a little R&R...yeah, right! Annie hated it! She started crying, so I held her under an umbrella for 30 minutes, b/c I didn't even want to try to take the tent down by myself! Annie finally settled down and we both got to lay in the tent....for a whole 5 minutes, b/c then the wind blew the tent and the whole thing collasped on top of Annie and I!!! Luckily Tanner had seen us from the balcony and had come down and helped us pick up everything! Oh my goodness...we decided to stick to the pool area until Annie can walk!!!!!!!!!! Despite all of this, I did manage to take this one picture of Annie laying happily in the tent! (I had to write this whole story so that I will remember it!!!)

A much needed break after the beach!

We went and took some family photos on the beach this evening. Tanner was such a good sport!

I love this picture!

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Amber said...

Girl, that story sums motherhood up, doesn't it? Ha ha. Beautiful picture though, so it was all worth it!