Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New use for old formula cans!

We have this little room in our house, that we are not quite sure what its purpose is supposed to be! Our house is pretty old and there are some funny things about it...this room is one of them. Well, Tanner had been using this room as a "tool" room, to keep his tools (obviously!), fishing gear, golf clubs etc. This room was a complete disaster!!! It was ridiculous...I have no idea how he ever found anything in this are a few pics to give you an idea!

So, it was a mess. Anyway, last month, he (being the wonderful husband that he is) turned this room over to me to use as a scrapbooking room!!! Tanner cleaned everything out and even painted the room for me! I was so thrilled to have space to put my ever growing scrapbook collection and now I"m more motivated to work on Annie's album! it is GREAT. Here are some pictures of what it looks like now!.

So, I have been trying to organize all my stuff and make it look half way cute while doing so! Today I made these containers to hold chipboard pieces! I made them out of Annie's old formula tins. They've been piling up on the counter and I finally tackled the project today! I want to make several tins to hold different types of chipboard....This one will hold flower chipboard pieces!

I had fun making these today and I just wanted to share! Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!!!

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