Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pictures Pictures and more pictures

We had a busy day of picture taking! We are pyscho with our cameras and its worse with my mom here!
After church, we went in our backyard and had a science lesson with Annie...we showed her the oranges, trees, and flowers! All she cared about was eating everything!

Sweet little hand reaching for the orange (not ripe yet, obviously)


These leaves look yummy too...

So do these flowers!

Annie wore her new Saints hat that Jazz, Lorie, and Tracy got for her to support the Saints (The looked awesome today BTW!) The hat is still a little big...

But it looks cute on her anyway...

Go Saints!

Leo and Kristy stopped by to show us there new is awesome! What a great car to have! They played together for a little while.

Kristy's sis stopped by too!

Did I mention that Kristy is pregnant again!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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