Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas pjs

Tanner, Annie and I spent the week at his parents house. We stayed with his Grandma while his parents went out of town. It was a nice week with Grandma Ashdown...I enjoyed her company during the day. Annie really likes her...she can't look at her without smiling! Annie also loved the carpet at her Nonnie and Papa's house! (It's funny how kid change your "taste!" All I wanted when we moved into this house was hard wood that annie's here I would LOVE carpet! haha!)
Nonnie and Papa got this christmas pajamas for Annie during their last trip to North Carolina. Annie and I had a photo session in her new pjs last night!

Annie has been learning several signs (more, eat, and milk are the three that we're working on right now)...I would like to think that she's doing one of them in this picture...even though she's probably just playing with hands!


Amber said...

Precious p.j.'s. Precious girl. We're working on the signs play, eat, and water. I always seem to forget to do the others at good opportunities.

joscelyne cutchens said...

I saw these pictures on the message board in your siggy. what an absolute beauty you have there!

hmmm is that milk or more she's signing? sweet, kiss those cheeks for me. I loved when my boys were that size. :)