Sunday, December 16, 2007

Starting to get it!

Annie is starting to get the concept of crawling! She can take 3 or 4 crawls then she falls! here's a quick video of her finally "getting it!"

Rare moment captured...she's looking at the book instead of eating it!

She loves her thumb and any blankey!
This dress that she has on was one of mine when I was little! I have pictures taken in it with my mouth wide open catching flies like Annie is doing here! Funny!

Rolling around in her pjs!


Amber said...

Yay, Annie!!! Isn't it exciting? It's so hard to think of all you have to do to baby proof though. Precious dress!!! Loved the card!

The Abney Family said...

Too cute! Precious as always.... thanks for the card. Did you make them yourself? It won't be long and you will be chasing after her!

Shere said...

Your baby is too precious and I love the dress. I can't believe that it belonged to you when you were a baby. It looks like something you could have picked up at the Children's Place or something just yesterday. Shere

Kelli said...

What a cutie! My youngest (17months) is learning to climb and loves to leap off of things into our arms, its a horrifying thing for her to

I have some of my own baby clothes that my mom saved too. Isn't it funny how different they look and feel to us now?