Thursday, January 3, 2008

Annie is funny! She loves hearing herself scream! If any of you have been on the phone with me lately you know what I'm talking about! (it's a happy scream!)

Here is a little video of this..

Katie got Annie a little piano for Christmas and it has become her favorite toy! I take only a few toys out for her to play with each day (so she doesn't get overwhelmed) but it never fails...she puts down whatever she's doing and constantly crawls over to the piano! Here's a another video...beginning with her scream of course!

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Amber said...

Ohmygosh...that screaming is so funny b/c Harper does the same's like she's realized she can have a high pitch

I let her eat whole puffs today, and she did great, and I gave her a little piece of cheese...still no teeth, but I consider that progress for myself. :)