Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Leo.

Leo turned one yesterday, Feb. 2! I can't believe that he's already a year old. He had a great birthday party...the weather was gorgeous and all the food was great. Watching Leo eat his cake was hysterical! Here are some pictures!
Annie and Leo

He's excited that its his birthday!

Annie surprisingly kept her party hat on the whole time!

Loved those balloons.

Leo eating his cake!

Annie had some tastes of it too! She loved it and didn't eat any of her vegetables after that!

Leo and his mommy!

We gave the kids a bath together after the party...they needed it!

Leo didn't like Annie crowding his tub space! It was funny!!!

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Amber said...

We went to a first birthday party this weekend too! It was so fun but got me sad (and a little excited) thinking about Harper's.