Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Poor sick girl

Annie is sick for the first time...she has a runny nose and cough. Poor little thing. I feel totally helpless! she was suppose to have her tongue tie surgery today, but its now postponed until Feb. 27, b/c they want her totally healthy for it. So, we're just taking it easy today.

Even though she's not feeling good, she did do some good playing this morning! She used to be scared of this walker toy, but today she kind of liked it!

she's getting better at it!!!


Carrie said...

Poor baby, I know it's not fun. Livie was sick for the first time this week too. I does make you feel helpless.

Amber said...

I hope Annie feels better soon. I love your new header! :)

The Abney Family said...

She looks like she is getting the hang of it! Hope she feels better soon.