Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

There wasn't any Easter Egg hunts around here (at least not that we knew of) so we decided to have our own with some friends at the park by our house. Annie basically just sat in the grass and ate dirt and cookies, but she had fun holding onto a few eggs! The weather was gorgeous so it was fun to be outside with our friends! Here are a few (well, maybe more than a few pictures). All the babies were so cute, I couldn't stop taking pictures. I don't think this is even third of what I took!
Annie ready to go to The Hunt! (She was NOT happy before we left the house b/c she was missing her nap, but once we got outside, she was very content!)

Addison and Annie getting ready to find their eggs.

This is the most that annie actually hunted! If you look close she was holding the purple egg and it flew out of her hand right as I snapped the picture!

She got two eggs...yay, Annie!

How cute are these little babies!!!

Two little bunnies!

We stuffed the eggs with's Annie stuffing the whole cookie in her mouth!

Shale on the move!

These two are too cute!

Addison is so sweet!

hunting eggs and running around!

Addison and Shale playing in the grass.

Annie trying to eat her egg!

Shale and Annie...check out the sideways bunny ears. I can't believe that she didn't take them off!

Still eating cookies with the ears on!

Ready to go home! These two little girls looked alike with their bunny ears drinking their water from the same sippy cup!!!


Anonymous said...
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Marfa said...

I wanted to say you've got a cute bunch of little friends...looked like a perfect day for an egg-hunt at the park!

Oh, and I didn't click...but wouldn't try it, sometimes people post "comments" that are viruses or ads (and that one by "DUMURO" is SUSPICIOUS to me)!

Amber said...

Precious! My sis and I are going to attempt an egg hunt with Harper and Ella tomorrow. It should be pretty comical.

p.s. You can delete that first comment by clicking on the trash can.