Wednesday, April 2, 2008

24 weeks pregnant

Today makes 24 weeks pregnant! I have been terrible at taking pictures of my growing belly so I got tanner to take this one last night. (I look a lot bigger in person...seriously!) So far, everything is going great. I feel good and I am starting to feel the little guy kick and more a lot. It's so cool! We went to a friends house today to see her new baby boy and it got me very very excited...I just wish we could think of a name!

This is anther picture from yesterday of Annie. She loves her little people!

Today was busy but fun! This is a picture of our Wed. playdates. We had 6 babies over today to play and then walk to the library for story time. It's always so fun. Kristy and Leo got to come over today too since its her spring break!

This is what Annie does at the library during storytime...she pulls the books of shelves!

AFter playtime and the library we went with Kristy, her mom, and Leo to visit Voula, Dina, and her new little baby boy! It was a busy day and Annie was exhausted. Here she is sleeping in the car.


Miss Onigur said...

Girl, you look "maaaarvalous." Enjoy this time. I loved being pregnant after the 3rd month! I had so much energy! I even played Volleyball still!!! Annie is going to enjoy being a "Big Sister!" Take care! Veronica

Amber said...

You look precious!