Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another beach day.

My mom and I took Annie to the beach today. She's wearing her new swimsuit that KK (Katie) got for her for her birthday! The water was warm enough to go swimming and the beach was packed.
Here are some pictures!

She really enjoyed playing in the water, even though she drink a little of it.

We pulled her around in her toy wagon. Since its not meant for kids, the wheels fell off when we hit the wet sand!

I had to post another pregnancy pic. Like I've said before, I have been terrible about taking pictures of my growing belly so when I get a picture of it, I want to keep it. Here's me at almost 28 weeks.

Annie playing in the bath after the beach.

All clean and ready for a nap after her bath.

I have to write this story so that I will remember it!...

So, after the beach, we bathed Annie and put her down for her nap. My mom and I ate a snack and were looking at the pictures that we took at the beach. We heard Annie in her room. She wasn't crying but talking and laughing to herself, so we didn't rush to go get her. After awhile, once we knew she wasn't going to go to sleep we went in there to get her and OMG...there was poop EVERYWHERE! She had half of her diaper off (the other half was still on) and it looked like she just threw it all over her room. It was the grossest thing ever! It was all over her crib, her bumper, her blankey and stuffed animals that she sleeps with, the wall behind her bed, the floorboards, the floor, in her hair! I'm telling y' was a MESS. Mullet ran in and cleaned the floor for us...LOL! Annie got thrown back in the bath and we scrubbed and disinfected her whole room. My mom and I couldn't stop laughing despite the disguistingness of the whole situation! Of course Annie thought it was so fun! She was just playing and laughing in her mess.


Amber said...

Corey, I would die (and probably throw up). That is too funny. I'm glad Annie had a good birthday.

kasey said...

That is so funny! Mullet....just like Gus! Isnt that so gross! I bet it was a site to see. Look at u taking prego bikini pictures! You look great!

The Abney Family said...

You won't get a belly pic of me in a bikini, but you look awesome! Have you gained any weight?? That's pretty gross about Annie (but funny, too), thank goodness your mom was there to help!