Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beach day

It was too pretty to stay inside today, so Annie and I went to the beach. She loved walking in the water and playing in the sand. She kept picking up handfuls of it and trying to eat it! Nothing wrong with a little crunchy snack, right! Here are some pictures of her!

running away from me!

Smilely girl

I had to get over the whole messy sand thing real quick!

check out the beach bod!

Surprisingly, the water was really warm! The waves knocked her over a few times, but she didn't mind!

She loved her beach boys and kept putting sand in the bucket and taking it back out...then eating it!

She was practicing her gymnastic moves on the beach! She wants to do tumblesets all the time now!

This lady wanted to take a picture of both of us for me...even though I didn't really want to be in any pictures...but here we are! Notice Annie sucking her thumb..I think she was sucking all the sand offf of it!

Here's a little video of her playing on the beach! Enjoy!


The Abney Family said...

I am sure one of these days she will love the water as much as her mamma!

kasey said...

Im so jealous that ya'll live right next the beach and get to go everyday if you want! Lucky Dogs!