Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Panama City

Tanner and I went to Panama City on vacation with Traci, Lake, Phillip and Morgan this past weekend. We left Annie with Tanner's parents. Although, she was in GREAT hands...it was the hardest thing I think I have ever done, leaving her for 5 days! Wed. night, I cried myself to sleep and told Tanner that I wasn't going b/c I was sick about leaving her! Once we got to the beach it was easier though! It was WONDERFUL to see our friends and catch up! We had a blast!!! Here are some pictures of our trip!
Check out the water...it was really pretty, even though Sat. and Sun. it was pretty cool! That gave us a chance to shop though!

Me, Morgan, TRaci

Lake, Tanner, Philllip

Traci and Morgan catching some rays!

Laying out with my belly out!

Me and Tanner about to go to dinner!

Traci and Lake!


Amber said...

You are sooo cute pregnant, Corey. And I know you were sad to leave Annie...I would have died; I still haven't even left Harper overnight (I know it's probably time). :)

The Abney Family said...

When I left Ashleigh for the first time I went on a cruise and couldn't call home to check on her. It nearly killed me! Now, seven years and another baby later with one more on the way, I am looking for an excuse to get away!! You are so tiny with your little belly, I think I look like you but am only 16 weeks! Way to go!

kasey said...

Was this the 1st time leaving her? Once you do it the 1st time, its smooth sailing from there! Were always looking for babies sitters so we can go away! LOL Ya'll look great and looks like ya'll had a lot of fun!