Sunday, May 4, 2008

Celebrating Annie's bday agan!

We had Annie's second first birthday party yesterday! Since we didn't want any of her friends to catch chicken pox from Nola last week, we decided to split up her bday parties and have one last week for the family and one this week for her friends. It was small but a lot of Fun. Collins and Rooster even drove up to come see Annie!
Here are a few pics.
She got to wear her bday dress again! YAY!

Leo, Annie, and Addison playing.

Playing outside...we didn't stay outside too long b/c it was SO hot...Annie was sweating so bad, she was wet!

She got to have another cake. She didn't smash this one up as much. I don't think I gave her enough to make the mess that she made last week. I just gave her some bites of her cake from my fork. She ate it up but without the icing getting everywhere.

It was a really nice day! Tanner said that Annie's going to expect to be sung to and eat a whole cake every weekend now!

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