Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our weekend

We had a good weekend...
Friday night Kristy's parents came over to our house and watched annie and Leo while Tanner, me, Kristy and Ethan went out to dinner. We had a blast at dinner and it was SO nice of the Peceronis to babysit for us! We don't have many dinners out without Annie and we really enjoyed ourselves! Here are Leo and Annie sharing toys before we left.
annie's all ready for bed with her nigthgown and nightcap on!
Saturday we went to melbourne to visit Collins and Rooster. Rooster recently moved there and its only an hour away from us. He actually lives on the same Street where tanner's mom grew up and where his grandma's house is...small world! We had a great time with them and ate some AWESOME food! We went to the beach for about 15 min. before it started raining! Annie didn't like getting rained on at all!
Here's Annie loving the Zapps potatoe chips...of course, who doesn't??
Rooster cooking on his new grill.
Annie and Collins playing together.
Happy Birthday Rooster.
Sunday...tanner caught some fish this morning so we grilled it for dinner. We hung out outside while he was cooking and it always amazes me how content and happy Annie is just to play with rocks and leaves! She sat in our driveway for an hour and picked up the rocks. We got an old water bottle and she put the rocks in it and we made a shaker, which she thought was so funny. the only bad part was getting her to go back inside when dinner was ready!
Here are some pictures of her playing in the rocks and making her shaker...
PUtting rocks in the water fun!
Shake Shake Shake

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kasey said...

U know, its amazing watching them grow isnt it. I mean just 11 years ago we were leaving for college, and now we have these beautiful babies in our lives that need us so much and depend on us. I thank God everyday for bringing them into our world and making it a little bit sweetier each day! Love you guys!