Sunday, June 8, 2008

Emmy's Baptism

We left Tanner's parents house on Friday and headed over to Tampa too stay the weekend with Adam and Brie for Emmy's baptism. We had a blast with them and their adorable family. Carson and Annie play so well together. Of course we took tons of pics of them together and a few videos. ..

Here they are in the bath, Carson is making Annie crack up!

Carson was trying to teach annie how to jump here. She can't quite get off the ground like he can but she likes saying jump, jump, jump!

Here's Carson jumping happily!!!

Sweet Emmy Lane

Annie wore Emmy's tutu around the house Friday night!

Here are Carson and Annie at the baptism on Sat. They were all dressed up and looking cute. Carson had on the most adorable little suit! he's such a stud!

She's about to kiss him here.

Annie and Carson (annie more than carson) lost their patience and started running around the front of the church and up and down the pews. All you could see was Annie's pig tail over the was funny! Here is annie on the alter with tanner going after her!

We feel so honored that Adam and Brie asked us to be Emmy's God parents. It was so special holding her while she was baptized. It literally brought tears to my eyes! They are such great friends!

The Hertzs and the Brocks

Adam's parents

Brie's parents and brother and sister

AFter a long week away, Annie was happy to be home today. She slept of over three hours in her own bed. Here she is happy at home!


kasey said...

WHat great videos! She is too cute! I could just eat her up!

The Abney Family said...

Cute as always. You look great, too!