Monday, June 2, 2008

My niece and nephew

If I could have one single wish granted for my whole life it would be to live close to these two cuties...(and their mom and dad)

Since Katie isn't the best blogger, I decided it was time for me to post some pictures of Max and their latest addition...Amelia! Aren't they adorable! Max is 19 months and Amelia is two weeks now. Mom and baby are doing good and from what I hear Amelia is a good baby and sleeper! She's a little bitty girl...still weighing under 7 lbs.
Tanner and I are trying to plan a trip to go see them this fall. Hopefully everything will work out. It is sad enough that I won't see Amelia for the first time until she is 5 months! At least there is the internet and digital cameras so I can see them via the computer!
Here's a cute picture of Katie with her kids! I think her and Max are twins, but I'm not sure who Amelia looks like yet.


The Abney Family said...

They are adorable! Congrats, Katie!

Amber said...

They are all gorgeous!

kasey said...

Do you have the video camera that hooks up to your computer? Katie has it, and she can talk to Casey, John & the kids all the time and see them in person on it. They got it for her mom too, I think its a great gift for any grandparent though. I think I am going to get it for my parents for Christmas. Oh by the way Casey & John just had Baby Robinson #4, Pearson Grace.