Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A few pictures

Just a few pictures from today!

Check out these beefy legs!!! haha...Poor Jesse definitly has Tanner's legs and his "no butt!" (his diapers actually fall off of him and end up around his knees!
Tanner put Annie in a robe after her bath today, but I think it was Jesse's robe!!!


The California Longmires said...

That's so funny about Jesse's diapers falling down! If Jackson ends up with his Mom's Cuban rear end, he's going to need extended-length Huggies :o).

katie said...

so i just figured out that you can post comments on these things. i must seem like the worst sister in the world for never commenting. i usually just look at the main page with all the blogs; this is the first time i've clicked on an individual blog and i see that i can leave a comment. sorry!!
all i have to say about this blog is OMG I LOVE THE RED SHOES!!! he is so precious.