Saturday, August 16, 2008

We were practicing learning how to smile!
Obviously she didn't get it in this picture!!

Or this one!

Then she got it!!!

Annie Phelps! (She's feeling the Olympic spirit and has decided to become a swimmer!)

Aren't these lips so kissable!
Maybe we got another thumb sucker!

Our little rag-a-muffin! (This is Annie after a long nap! It looks like she got in a fight while she was sleeping!)


Veronica said...

Don't you love when they wake from a long, hard nap and they look like that!?? Too funny. Jesse is so adorable. I could just "eat him up!" Hope Annie is enjoying him still.

Carrie said...

We're still working on the smile too! They couldn't be cuter. Isn't it fun having one of each?

Amber said...

Your babies are beautiful!

kasey said...

She is too funny! Jesse is getting so big! I cant wait to meet him!