Monday, October 6, 2008


We had a fun busy weekend! Kristy, Ethan and the boys came over on Friday for dinner. Sat. we got up early and went over to Tanner's parents house. We met Adam, Brie, Carson, and Emerson for some lunch and shopping. Carson and Annie were so cute together! She is really taken with him!!!

Saturday night we went to Tanner's good friend, Kara's, surprise 30th bday (scary that everyone turning 30!!!) Well, the surprise was actually on the guests. When Kara arrived and we were supposed to yell surprise...she came out in a wedding dress and her and Grant got married. It was a nice ceremony and of course we had a blast...weddings are always so much fun!

Here are some fun pictures from our night!

Adam officiated the ceremony!

Toast to Grant!
Kara looked so pretty!

More of the boys...these guys have been friends since kindergarten!
Kara and Tanner
Me and Grant
Having fun!!!
Stacy, Brie and I took this exact picture 6 months ago...scroll down and check out the difference!!!

We can barely get our arms around each other!!!


Amber said...

How fun!

kasey said...

Um.....let me guess. The beers are missing in the second one? That is nuts that they got married on their own surprise party actually that is pretty damn cool! Hey and dont down 30.....I am like not even a month away! AAAHHH!!!