Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yvonne's baby shower

Tanner's girlfriends from high school remind me so much of my friends from home. They are all so close and have been friends forever. They don't all live close by one another, but you can tell when they get together, its like they never missed a beat. They are so sweet to always include Brie and I in their parties and things. Whenever we get together with them, it makes me miss my friends so much! anyway...
We went to Yvonne's baby shower today. It was so much fun. Yvonne is so tiny and cute. They are having a little girl named Rylee Kate. She is lucky to have Yvonne and Ryan as parents.
Here are some pictures from the shower.
Yvonne, Stacy holding Jesse, me holding Addison, and Brie and Emmy

Measuring Yvonne's belly..

The girls and me and Brie!

Yvonne is about to join the mommy club!

Look at these three little cuties! Jesse is SO happy about being inbetween these two little hot mamas!!! he's going to have his pick. (Addison, Jesse, Emerson)

Annie stayed home with daddy today!

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