Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gingerbread men

I went to change Jesse this morning and this is how I found Annie when I got back!

One of the activities for Teach Your Tot this week is to decorate "human shaped" cookies aka gingerbread cookies! Kristy found this great gingerbread cookie set at Walmart and brought it over for Leo and Annie to do together this morning. The cookies were big and they got to icing and decorate them themselves. Of coure all the wanted to do was eat the gumdrops and jawbreakers.


Their favorite part!

They had fun and so did me and Kristy...the cookies are good!

Annie and Leo ran around the backyard after and I snapped a few pictures.

Annie got a few compliments on these pants today! My maw-maw made them for me when I was Annie's age! Some things are just always in style, I guess! (Thanks mom for keeping all this stuff!)

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