Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve, we went to St. Patricks in New Olreans for Christmas Mass! The church was absolutely beautiful!!!! Annie and Tanner only got to stay for the first 15 minutes of mass b/c Annie enjoyed hearing her echo too much while screaming during church. They had fun running up and down Camp St. while we enjoyed an amazing Christmas mass. After Church, we had Christmas Eve dinner at Jimmy and Burt's. It was a perfect Christmas Eve!
Here are some pictures...

The church was amazing...

Before Mass can tell Annie's NOT ready to sit still for an hour!

AFter Mass...still not ready to be still!

Outside after church...still not still!

Of course she is still with Gpaw and NOla!

We ran into Kim after mass, which was great! We are going to see her and Kendra on Sat., but I was so happy to see her early! Here she is meeting Jesse for the first time!
Annie showing off her tutu!

Jimmy and Burt's!

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