Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Party

Party time!

We went to the Christmas party at our library yesterday. We always walk there, so here is a picture of Annie in the stroller...ready to celebrate! (Doesn't she looks enthused!)

Can you pick out Santa's two little reindeer!

They had some yummy treats

Addison and Annie wore matching reindeer antlers and Leo and Joe-Joe wore their Santa hats!

Sara's sister came with us and held Jesse for me while I chased Annie around the library...she likes to run around and "explore" during storytime! It was nice to have a little help! Here's Jesse watching and taking it all in.


Carrie said...

I know about that! Story time became more of a chore than fun, so we have taken a brief hiatus! Maybe we'll start back soon! Love the antlers!

Veronica said...

How great that you can "walk" to the Library and enjoy a few hours out! Fun! Jesse is getting soooo BIG!