Monday, December 8, 2008

Collins' Bachlorette Party

Congratulations to Collins...she is getting married in 24 days! To celebrate, 6 of her bridesmaids went to Panama City for the weekend. I left Annie and Jesse for two nights with Tanner! I missed them like crazy, but I feel very refreshed! We had a great relaxing weekend and Tanner did amazing staying home playing Mr. Mom! The house the was neat, clothes were folded, dishes were clean and put away and he even installed a new faucet on our sink, which broke while I was gone. He even took the kids to the grocery store and to home depot (twice!). He's AWESOME!
Here are some pictures of our wonderful girls weekend!

Collins sang with the band!

We went to the spa Sat. and it was WONDERFUL. I couldn't even move my lips to talk b/c I was so relaxed!

AFter the spa, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for food and football. We cheered on Alabama and Collins even wore a roll tide veil. Everone else there was FL fans and the resteraunt was going crazy.

Roll Tide

Al and I had some Vampire wine to celebrate Twilight!

At dinner Sat. night! Toast to Collins and Rooster.

The beach was beautiful! Sunset...

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kasey said...

Looks like yall had a great time! Good job to Tanner as well!