Friday, December 12, 2008

Cookie Party

We had a cookie party today with Addison, Leo, Annie, Jesse and Joey. (Well, technically Jesse and Joey didn't particpate but they were there!) We went to Sara and Addison's house and it was so fun. The kids decorated and ate all kinds of cookies. They danced to Christmas music and chased each other around and around and around the house! Poor Sara, she wouldn't let us help her clean up...she's probably still cleaning up after those three!!!
here are some pictures:

Reindeer cookie...yum!

More yum and a mess!

They jammed out on the piano...Annie was very into it, which made me happy since I am going to force piano on her as soon as she's old enough!

Playing chase around the house. They kept this up for awhile, and surprisingly noone got hurt!

Still running by herself.

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kasey said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Cant wait for Annie and rye to play Chase around our house in a couple of weeks!