Monday, December 29, 2008

Saints game!

Tanner and I went to Saints game on Sunday. We all rode the street car downtown and met up with Minnie, Katie, Melissa and McKenzie. Tanner and I only stayed at the game through the 3rd quarter b/c we were getting beat 30 to 10. Who knew they would come back, take the lead, and Brees would come within 16 yards of breaking Dan Marinos record! Oh well...we had fun watching the end of the game with our friends!

Geaux Saints

All the girls

We also joined up with Rooster and his Bachelor party! Only 3 more days until him and Collins get married~


kasey said...

Awe looks like yall had a great time! SOrry we didnt make it. Looks like the weather held out for yall?

Veronica said...

Such a shame they didn't pull it through AND Brees not breaking that record during the game! :(
Glad ya'll had fun!!

allison said...

OK i have to clarify about the pic on the trolley, i had literally JUST stepped out of the shower, ha ha, I didn't just grease up my hair. Cor, can't believe you posted that pic, lol!