Wednesday, December 24, 2008


For Tanner's birthday, Phillip, Morgan, Wyatt, and Lily came in town and we all went to the zoo! It was a great time. Wyatt and Annie ran around together the whole time and they like looking at most of the animals!

When I said they liked most of the animals...elephants were NOT one of them! Annie was very scared of the elephants. Here she is clinging to tanner! But...if you ask her what animals she saw at the zoo all she talks about is the elephants!

Wyatt, Phillip, Tanner and Annie

We gave Annie and Wyatt a snack right by the Orangatangs (sp???) and this guy wanted some of their food! It was so funny, he just sat there with his hand out.

Here are annie and Wyatt dancing together! (BTW: Yes, annie is wearing a monkey leash! I used to think this was terrible, but the way this girl runs...she needs it!)

Running...her leash is now a tail!

More running! Tanner got a good work out chasing these two.




Our two families together!

Annie Toucan

Feeding the ducks.

Stopped for more dancing!

It was a great day and it was wonderful to hang out with Phillip, morgan, Wyatt, and Lily!

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