Monday, January 5, 2009

Collin's wedding

Tanner and I left Tuesday morning about 5:30 AM to drive to Oxford, MS for Collinns and Rooster's wedding. Annie and Jesse stayed in New Orleans with my parents. We had a GREAT time at the wedding and (again) feel very refreshed for having a little break. I am so thankful to my parents to keeping both babies so that Tanner and I could be with Collins and Rooster on their special day.
I unfortunately only have pictures from the rehearsal dinner b/c my camera died. I will try to get other pictures and post them asap b/c Collins looked absolutely beautiful and y'all have to see her in her gorgeous wedding dress...but for now here are pics from the rehearsal dinner...
Me, Collins and Al

The rehearsal dinner was at this amazing catfish house in the middle of nowhere! it was casual and so much fun. Everyone stood up and gave a speech/toast to colllins and rooster. Here's a picture of the resteraunt.

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