Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Outside our house

It has been so nice here these past few days. We played outside for a long time this afternoon...of course, I had to take some pictures.
Look how big Jesse is! I wish he would slow down just a little!

Annie went over to Jesse to give him a hug and be sweet...

But got too close to him and he got a big handful of hair (I think I just recently mentioned that he loves to pull hair!). She's not too happy about it and wasn't very sweet to him afterwards!

I was making a list of something here and Annie was really into the pen. She has never used one before...novelty!

Little monkey swinging from the table.

Just another one of my sweet little boy!


kasey said...

OMG that pic of him pulling her hair is priceless!

The Abney Family said...

Precious as always. They are getting so big!