Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Oysters

For my Valentine's Day gift, Tanner shucked and grilled Oysters! He didn't have a glove or a shucker so he used his bare hands and a screw driver! He sliced his hand a couple of times in the process...now if that's not love...! LOL!

YUM! He made a garlic butter sauce and drizzled it on them while they were grilling.

To quote Annie..."All Done" We got three dozen and could have eaten 6 dz!

My sweet Husband! This is our 11th Valentine's Day together!

We waited to cook until the kids went to bed and ate our dinner outside! It was a great evening! (This also counted as his "recipe Sunday" since he went to the Daytona 500 on sunday and didn't cook!)


kasey said...

What a good hubby! Nice job Tanner! Looks like yall had a fun week too! WOW That is a big cookie! I miss you guys too. Kisses from all of us! We still have Binks by the way, but him and Ryan are going to stay the weekend with mom and dad while we do our parade this weekend. We will see if he comes home with us. We brought him this Sunday and he knocked Patches down a bunch and when we were about to leave he jumped right up in our car....we will see.

allison said...

He's awesome!!! I'm jealous of those yummy oysters! Ok and i'm LOL thinking about the gifts for that V-day 11 years ago. HA HA!!!!