Thursday, March 5, 2009

Catching up and Everyone visits! has been awhile since I have posted on here! Things have been really really busy these last few weeks. To start, Annie, Jesse, and I all came down with the awful stomache bug at the beginning of last week. Tanner ended up taking Jesse to the ER until 3 AM b/c we were worried that he would dehydrate. Meanwhile, I was home throwing up, cleaning up Annie's crib over and was fun!!!
AFter we got over that and disinfected the house (or so we thought) my mom arrived last Wed. Friday, Katie, Greg, Max and Amelia and my dad all arrived. Sat. we went to the beach, had a great time...then it started...Amelia caught the stomache bug and ended up with an IV in the ER on Sat. night. My mom got it Sunday, Max got a fever Sunday night, Katie got it Monday and Tuesday we ended up taking Amelia to see my Dr. b/c she still wasn't over it. They left yesterday and Greg got it this morning and had to miss work! What a vacation!
Despite all the sickness, we actually had a really nice time together. We went to the beach and the park and played in the backyard and Maw-Maw, Jack and Alison all came over from Tampa so that we could celebrate Maw-Maw's 88th birthday together! I miss everyone already and our house is way to quiet!
While I have been MIA, Jesse turned 7 months and is practically crawling. Annie turned 22 months...2 more months and my baby will be 2!
here are some pictures of Katie and her family's visit!

Amelia LOVED the beach and putting her feet in the water. The water was freezing and she was the only one that wanted to play in it! Beach baby!

Max liked to play in the soft dry sand. He didn't like the cold wet sand! That's what he told us!

Jess just hanging out.

Annie on a mission to get sand.

All four babies.

Happy 88th Maw-Maw.

Annie and Max loved pushing the stroller and took turns pushing each other in it, even though it is for dolls!

Watching Sesame St. before bed.


Sliding at the park.

Nola and Max

Nola and G-paw brought annie this cool mardi gras hat. They had a parade in the backyard too.

Amelia sporting the hat.


kasey said...

Well no WONDER! I am sorry that you were all so sick! Throw up is the worst too! For everyone! Glad everyone is feeling some what better. I love the pic of the 3 of your backs and the one of Annie walking to get sand she has grown up, she looks like a little lady! Love you guys!

Amber said...

Missed y'all! Glad you feel better and so sorry everybody got sick!