Sunday, May 10, 2009

Catching up in May

Now that Jesse is doing better, I can finally catch up on downloading pictures and writing on our blog. Jesse's latest blood tests still came back postive for strep pneumonial bacteria, but he doesn't have a fever and he is acting like his spunky self again. I'm hoping that everything is all clear by now! Thanks to everyone for your prayers!
Here are some pictures from the week...

Jess and Annie just relaxing

While my mom was here, she got out some new books for Annie to read! She's obessed with them...Knuffle Bunny, Who Said Red, From Anne to Zach, From Head to Toe, name a few.

Another thing that Annie's very very into is Doodle Bugs (thanks again to Nola). Everytime we go outside all we do is look for doodle bugs. Somehow, Tanner and I are not as good at finding them as my mom was though.

We got one!!!

Bathtime with bubbles! Check out Jess's tongue!!!

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