Thursday, June 4, 2009

Funny things and things to remember...

Annie has 4 favorite songs right now. "My Favorite Things," The Goat Herder song and Doe a Deer all from the sound of music and "Cowboy" by the Dixie Chicks! Do A Deer would have to top the list though. She knows everyword to it (well...kind of ;-). (I will post a video of her singing it soon!) Anyway, the other day we were at the Dr. and she has Disney characters oon the we were going through all the animals, naming them and making their sounds...trying to kill time! So we got to the deer and I asked annie what kind of animal it was. She says "A deer...OH...A Female Deer." (like the song!)

Yesterday we got Taco Bell for dinner (I know I know...real healthy). Soo as Annie was eating her TAco, Tanner was asking her if she liked it. She said, yes, she loves it. Then he says "Do you know where daddy got your taco from?" (thinking she might say Taco Bell) and she says "The garbage!" haha...close enough!

Jesse is starting to point to things. He can find the red balloon and the stars in the book Goodnight Moon. He can find the light and does So Big. Yesterday he said Peek a boo (or close to it) and today he said Thank You (his version of thank you!). He hates eating anything from a spoon and absolutely loves grilled cheese sandwiches and watermelon! He stands by himself and looks like he will take a step on his own any second!

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kasey said...

Taco Bell for dinner is awesome! Ryan loves some Mexican food! Thank goodness!