Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Jesse!

I am writing this a few days late b/c we were busy on Jesse's birthday, but I couldn't let it pass without posting a Happy Birthday for Jesse!!! I cannot believe that our little man is already a year old. This year passed so quickly that I am having trouble remembering when he was a newborn...which makes me sad (good thing that I have taken a million pictures throughout the year!)
Jesse is a complete delight! He has such a wonderful personality. He's completely laid back, like his daddy, unless he is hungry! He has an enormous appetite and eats more than Annie now! He makes us laugh all day long with his funny faces. He is really starting to "talk" a lot. He will ramble on and on about who knows what, but when I ask him to say words, he will always at least try. He has said watermelon, flipsides (like the cracker), truck, ball, cheese, and a few others. Of course these are not everyday words, but he gives them a try if he hears them! He's starting to walk and LOVES chasing balls around the house. We haven't been for his year check up yet, so I'm not sure about his height and weight yet!
Happy 1st Birthday Jesse!!!
Here is a picture of Jess a year ago!

And here he is today! 1 years old


allison said...

Sweet boy! I still think he looks like you, gosh I remember getting that text when you had him! And i just love that he can say "flipsides" our new fav. snack!! ha ha! Love ya'll!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Jesse! I can't believe our boys are 1! Love the ball cupcakes...we need to plan a Starkville weekends, so our boys and girls can meet!