Wednesday, August 5, 2009

70's party

On Sat. we went to Kathy and Joey's (Kristy's parents) 30th anniversary party. It was a 70s themed party so we all dressed up. Jesse wore his disco outfit straight from Stayin Alive. He had a big afro wig too, but we thought that he naturally has good 70's hair! (And he kept pulling it off :-)

Leo and Jason wore Tie Die and check out Annie's sweet dress. It was complete polyester! My maw-maw made this for one of her grandkids in the 70's and somehow I still have it! The best part is she kept telling everyone what a pretty dress she had on!!! She doesn't say that about her new up to date dresses!

The kids loved these balloons and it was a great end to "Balloon Week" at TYT! Can you find annie!?

Joey and Kathy...Happy 30th!

Me and Tanner groovin'

Annie was really dancing with Jesse! It was the cutest thing ever! They were both moving and holding hands! I loved it!

hahaha! Do you like how annie's body is half way through the poster!

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Taylor & Krisa said...

These pics are hilarious! I love Jesse's outfit. I just added you to my Google Reader...why did I not have you on there yet? I'll be better at keeping up with your blog now!