Tuesday, August 11, 2009

NC part 1

NC is beautiful and we are thankful to be here together as a family! This is the first family vacation that we have ever taken...with just the 4 of us!
Here's the kids driving to NC. (This picture was taken in New smyrna though ;-)

The basement is a GREAT playroom...the kids are having a blast playing down here, and climbing up and down the stairs. Annie has even acted the "So Long Farwell" scene from the Sound of Music when Gretel climbs the stairs!

Under the pool table is the funnest place to play!

FISHING! Annie enjoyed the worms more than the fish.

Sweet boy

Jesse liked the fish

There were tons of brim out

She liked to look but not to touch

Trying to figure out the fishing pole.

Check out this turtle...he was huge!


The fish flopped around and Annie flipped out!

Holding Hands!

Annie and I scrapbooked together for the first time!

We made a bird feeder from a pine cone, peanut butter and bird seed. It was fun to make, but it didn't attract any birds!

Our bird feeder!

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