Saturday, August 15, 2009

NC part 5

Are y'all getting tired of all of our NC pics? I thought it would be easier to post a few pictures each day and actually download them to our computer instead of doing it all when we got home. And there is going to be a part 6 now...after having a nice conversation with Tanner's dad, we decided to stay one more day!!! YAY!
Today we hiked a pretty long hike to the top of Highlands, NC and had a picnic lunch on the top of the mountain! Annie didn't walk much on the way up but she walked the entire way down (while eating an apple no less!) Here are some pictures!
She would say..."on your marks, get set, ,go" then run!

Sunset Rock

When we got to the top of the mountain we had a picnic lunch!
Annie had fun playing in the window bed tonight! It won't be long before she can sleep here...the best bed in the whole house!

Pretending to sleep...but when we asked her if she wanted to sleep here she said no!

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