Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just some of this and that

We had a blast last week doing all the apple activities at TYT and are in the full swing of tree week right now! Annie had fun painting apple prints, makeing homemade applesauce, disecting an apple, sorting apples and more!

After dance class on Friday Annie and I had a girls night out. We went to dinner and sat at a table right on the river! It was beautiful, Annie was so sweet and well-behaved. We just ate and talked like best friends! I just feel so blessed to have these little special moments with her. She's growing so fast and this was one of those moments that I wanted to freeze forever...know what I mean!

And Jess has become quite the little pacifier theif! Ryleigh loves her pacifier and carries it around with her sometimes during the day (we are trying to help her mom rid her of this habit but sometimes you just need a pacifier! ;-) Well, when she does have it, Jesse chases her around the house and takes it from her! You can see his little victorious smile here...

Most kids stop taking a pacifier by his age...he'll be the first kid to ever start taking a pacifier at almost 15 months!

I ran a little local 5K race this past Sat. It was a last minute thing but it was fun. Tanner brought the kids over b/c there was a fun splash park where the race was! They definitely gave me some motivation when I saw them while I was running!

oh, and I actually got first female overall too! Like I said, it was a small race, but I was still excited!

The kids had a blast playing int he splash park after the race! Tanner and I did too!

Drinking the water...gross!

Jesse was so happy...he would laugh and scream! It was hillarious!

At least until an airplane flew by. He's obssesssed with airplanes. He can hear them from so far away. He'll stop and start saying airplane, airplane, airplane...over and over and over! Even if we are inside and he hears one. This kid has good ears!

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allison said...

I AM SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU COR!!! I knew you'd kick butt, and Good Job on rep. MSU, i think ALL races we do we need to represent, no matter what city and state we are running :) Love you!!