Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween stuff and football sundays

We went to the library's Halloween storytime party on Tues. Then Addison and Sarah came over to play. The girls are getting so big. We were standing at the door, just listening to them playing and talking! They were sitting on Jesse's chair "reading" books to each other. They are like little people now communicating and playing together! Where does the time go???

Goodies at the party!

Most Sundays we head over to the Repynecks for some good football fun! Well, I wouldn't say that we get a lot of football watching time in, but these four kiddos are more fun to watch (well...except for the saints right now!!!!). We played outside all day! They are at great age. For most the day Kristy, her mom, and I actually got to sit in a chair and just watch the kids playing! Talk about nice!

I think this was one of those times that we had to get out of our chairs!...what is Jesse doing with that croquet mallet!!!

My babies!

the little guys...getting big

I can't believe this, but both Kristy and I actually got a picture of all four kids looking at the camera!

Best buds!
Always wants to chat on the phone!
annie has been SO into baby dolls lately. She changes their diapers and clothes, and feeds them and puts them to sleep and talks to them! It's so fun to watch her interact and pretend play. The things that she tells her babies makes me cringe sometimes though b/c she sounds like me. Her favorite is "Oh my Gosh baby, you poo-pooed!!!" haha! At least she says Gosh, right!

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