Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thankful day 18: New Moon Tickets

We got our New Moon tickets to go see it this Sat.! We are having a whole girls evening filled with the Twilight Saga and dinner! I am really really looking forward to this and so thankful that I have the chance to get out every so often on my always rejuvinates me! ;-) I"m also hoping that New Moon (the movie) is better than Twilight (the movie). Although, I enjoyed watching it (how you can you not enjoy watching Edward Cullen) the book was just so much better!
BTW: Go Team Edward!


Taylor & Krisa said...

So glad you agree! Bella was so disappointing in Twilight the movie. I'm debating even seeing New Moon cause I don't want to ruin the book!

Lynzie Poole said...

Hey so this is not Twilight related but I was just on the phone with Jen (from Colorado, now Canada) and she told me I had comments on my "secret blog"! I am seriously not completely aware of how blogging works apparently! That's awesome that you took a look at it and commented...but more awesome that now I can visit your blog! I was never able to get on here...I think I didn't have the right password maybe. Anyway, I had fun at the Oyster Party with you guys and I will try to keep up on the wine blogging for you ;-)