Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful day 24: Mohawks!

As I mentioned earlier, Jesse has been pulling his hair out! (He does it to soothe himself at night...not b/c he is a stressed out 16 month old...I hope! ;-) His first haircut helped for a few days, but once it grew out even a little he started again. This morning Tanner and I took clippers to it and I got a little carried away! In an attempt to not go completely bald, I went with the mohawk look! Which is something that I have a hard time seeing on teenagers and Jr. Highers! But on my 16 month old baby boy, I think it looks kind of cute! It makes me smile! I will never show him a picture of this b/c if he decides he wants a mohawk when he is 16 years old the answer will be NO and I don't want him to hold this against me!...haha!

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