Saturday, December 5, 2009

Goings on...

I just wanted to post some pictures of the kids and some craftiness that we have been doing in this wonderful Chrismas season.
Here is a picture of our Advent Calendar. The numbers are actually little tins and the kids open one each day and get a little treat (stickers!). Here is how you can make it!

I also am doing this Holiday's In Hand class at It is a free class for all you scrapbookers that is suppossed to make you stop and savor each day of the holiday season. There is a "Do" and "Make" each day, so here are some pictures of our "do", which was have an indoor picnic. (That advent calendar a "make" a few days ago!)
(BTW: Jess is completely bald now! The mohawk had to go for two reasons: 1, he was pulling it out, and 2 is made him nuts! Never give your kid a makes them wild! ;-)
And here are some pictures of storytime last week.
Jesse is starting to get into it a little!
Then he has to go take a break...
This is one of the kids, and my, favorite songs. It is a yoga song called "Stretch". Its so cute and it gets them doing yoga poses.
More Yoga poses!
Addison and Annie had to get these "lemons" (they are really grapefruits) out of the tree!

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