Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthdy and Happy Disney World

Tanner turned 31 on Monday! We stuck a candle in his egg and chees sandwich and sang Happy Birthday to him...this was his cake! (sad, I know!!!) Annie helped him blow out the candle!
Well, since you get in free at Disney and your birthday and the kids are still young enough to get in free, we decided to celebrate Tanner's big 3-1 at Disney. AFter all, how often will we be able to go to Disney World and only pay for one person! Well, can I advise everyone who reads this, pay extra and NEVER go to Disney the first day of Christmas vacation!!!! haha! We didn't even think about the fact that everyone has off of school (and some of work) this week. The park was ABSOLUTELY packed. You couldn't walk at all, and it took us over two hours just to get inside the park from our car! We were there for over 6 hours and we rode 3, yes 3 rides, that is it! Of course Annie didn't know the difference and she LOVED every second of it. Her face and happiness made the entire day, crowds and all one of the best days. Disney really is a magical place!
After waiting 2 hours to get into the park, this is how Jesse entered Disney World!
Annie loved riding Dumbo and didn't even seem to mind that we waited over an hour for a three minute ride! haha! She is still talking about this!
After Dumbo, we waited in line for over and hour and 1/2 for Peter Pan! Try standing in line with a 17 month old for over an hour and 1/2! I'm still laughing about this! Jesse was a wreck, but once we got on the ride he was fine...go figure! Check out Annie's face...shes so excited! Again, her face makes the whole wait not so bad!
Jesse's wide eyed too!
Luckily It's a Small World wasn't that bad! Jesse kept screaming BOAT real loud!
AFter 4 hours and 3 rides later, the only other thing that we did was so see Mickey! This is what Annie came for! We walked through his house. This is his kitchen. Annie looked at it and says "Mickey's kitchen is a mess, we need to clean it for him!" I wish she would this willing to clean my kitchen!
When Tanner and I were little, we remembered the characters standing around and you coould just stop and take a picture with them. Well, that isn't how it works anymore. We had to wait in line to see Mickey and Minnie. We though this lollipop would keep Jesse happy in line (we were willing to try anything by this point) but it didn't last, so Tanner ended up taking Jesse to run around while I stood in line with Annie!
YAY! Mickey!
Annie was SO Happy to see these two! She ran up t them both and gave them hugs and stood by them to have her picture taken! It was so sweet! And again, very worth the hour and 1/2 wait!!!!
And here are the kids on the way home after a fun Day at Disney!
I hope that whole entry didn't sound too negative! All in all it was really a great day!!!! Tanner and I are still laughing about how we picked the most crowded day of the whole year to take the kids to Disney World! We'll be sure to go on a school day when we go again!!!
Happy Birthday Tanner!

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