Friday, January 8, 2010


Christmas is so much fun with kids! Tanner and I woke up before 7 and before the kids b/c we were so excited to see if Santa came! ;-) We went and got the kids up and went into the living room. Annie was happy that Santa liked her cookies and she was happy to find this trampoline! (Thanks to NuNu and G-Paw!) Annie is obsessed with jumping and now she doesn't have to do it on her bed anymore!
She enjoyed unwrapping gifts this year, Jesse could have cared less!
Sweet Little man!
Annie got Linny, Tuck and Ming Ming too! She asked Santa for all three of these "friends" and they all sleep in the bed with her now! (that makes about 10 "friends" in her bed. There's not much room for her)
And...her favorite, most wanted present of all! A camera! Annie sure does take after her momma about taking 1000 pictures of everything! She walks around saying "say cheese! Oh, that was a GREAT picture! Thanks!" haha!
Jesse got this pound the ball toy, that Tanner told me would be just one of those toys to take up space that they never play with! Well, he was wrong! This is his favorite toy of all!
Putting together toys on Christmas morning! JOY!
We made Jesus a gingerbread cookie cake and sang Happy Birthday to him. This is something new to our little family and Annie enjoyed it so much that we will have to make it a tradition.
More presents from Nonnie and Papa!
Jesse got balls and loved each one! This is his I'm not going to smile but I really want to face!
I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas and got to spend lots of time with their families!

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