Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let it Snow (or sleet!)

It actually snowed today in new Smyrna Beach, FL! Ok, really it was a lot of sleet with a few snowflakes mixed in, but snow is snow right! We kept watching out of the window, waiting to see some flakes. Finally, I spotted a few and Annie asked "Mommy is it snowing?" I said "there's a few flakes" and she says "OHHH...I can't believe it!" She said it...I can't believe its this cold here! It was fun for the morning, but we are ready for our normal 80 degree weather!
Here are some pictures of the kids! We tried to go outside and "play" in the "snow" Neither one of them were crazy about their gloves.
Jesse was trying to shake his gloves off.

After being outside for all of 2 minutes, Annie and Jesse slipped on the ice from all the sleet and got their bottoms soaked. So this is how our "fun" morning ended...

Us Floridans, really are NOT equipped for this kind of weather!

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katie said...

lol...that's hilarious. poor preciouses!! that's why we live in AZ, FL ,and LA!!