Saturday, April 3, 2010

Egg, eggs, and more eggs!

I love Easter Time! Celebrating Jesus's ultimate sacrafice today (good Friday) and resurrection is just amazing! Although, I have found it much harder to teach Annie the Easter story compared to the Christmas story. I guess almost 3 year old understand birthdays! I am going to pray all year, that I do a better job next year!
Easter is also such a colorful time! I always love the pictures that I take of the kids dying their eggs just b/c there is so much color in them! We had some friends over on Friday to dye and hunt Easter Eggs! The kids had a blast and we all ate too much sugar!
It was such a beautiful day (weekend) that we did all of dying outside!

Sweet Girl!
Jess was very proud of his eggs!
Look what we did!
Hunting Eggs!
Jesse did not do much hunting...mostly eating! I think he only found about 3 eggs!

Three little cutie pies!
We also decorate Easter Egg and Bunny cookies! Because we needed more sugar!

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