Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I can't believe it is Easter! Where is this year going? Wasn't it just Christmas! What a GREAT day today was! Jesus's is alive and because of that we are forgiven and have new life in him! That's what its all about and why we get to spend this beautiful day celebrating!
This morning, after the kids dug into their Easter baskets, had an Easter Egg hunt, ate too much candy that they didn't want to eat their breakfast, we went to church. The kids came home and crashed from their sugar high and Tanner got back to work painting the house (Have I mentioned that he is painting the outside of our house from Bright Orange to a pretty tan color! He's such a hard worker and it always amazes me how much do-it-yourself stuff he knows how to do!) After the kids woke up I took them to the beach for a little while to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine! Tanner's still at work painting as I type this! It was a very peaceful, relaxing day! (Well, maybe not for Tanner!) Enjoy all the pictures!
Digging in...
Finding Eggs that the Easter Bunny left!

My Sweet Easter babies all dressed up!
My three loves!
Our Family
Today was our first day at the beach this year and it was awesome. The kids are at the perfect age to really enjoy it. They sat and dug in the sand and played together and I actually got to sit down and relax! I am looking forward to spending much more time at the beach this summer! (before the baby comes and then we are back to square one!)
The Easter Bunny brought them these new beach toys too!
Always dancing and doing gymnastics!
I hope that everyone had a great Easter!

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