Sunday, May 23, 2010

This week

I know that as a mother, I am going to experience good moments and hard moments, good days and hard days and even good weeks and hard weeks...well this was one of those HARD WEEKS! Let me just summarize real quick, so that when I have another hard week, I can come back and read this and maybe it won't see so bad!

Tuesday Jesse locks himself in his closet, I call the police to get him out. First police couldn't get the hinges off the door, so he calls back up...second police calls fire department, locksmith comes to save the day! Both mommy and Jesse are in tears and Annie later admits to Tanner that she locked Jesse in the closet!

Wednesday Annie gets a fever and Jesse throws up in the stroller when we are on a walk on top of a bridge that overlooks the whole city of new smyrna. I strip Jesse of all of his clothes as he continues to throw up all over the bridge. We finally make it home with a naked crying baby.

Thursday Jesse and Annie are both sick with fevers.

Friday go to the Dr. and TArget and get in the car to go home and take naps (which I was really looking forward to) and our car won't start. Noone in the whole parking lots has jumper cables so back into target buy cable and tanner comes to save the day.

Despite the downs of this week, here are some ups...

Jesse's crib is one of the kids' favorite places to play! They look so sweet and calm here...
Pretending to be baby payton
We also had a fun crayon week . The kids loved peeling the paper off of the crayons and recycling their old crayons!


Amber said...

O, Corey! Bless your heart!!! I am so sorry, and I know exactly how you feel! You are such a good mama, and I know you are glad that week is OVER.

kasey said...

Corey that is one of the funniest stories ever about Annie finally admitting that SHE was the one who locked him in the closet. Poor thing, Im sure you were so upset., but Im sure you can now look back on it and give it a good laugh =) love ya!